Wednesday, March 7, 2012
The food, also, was partaken of gingerly: pieces of meat were picked up between finger and thumb and held aloft like live worms before being quickly dispatched; offending portions of salad and cheese were disgustedly spat out on the grass; water biscuits, apples, celery and radishes enjoyed fair popularity, but little truck was had with such greasy and malodorous dishes as sardines, liver sausage, and anchovies. The company snorted when bananas were mentioned and actually gagged in unison when boiled eggs were produced (“No,” said Celia, putting them away, “perhaps that wasn’t a good idea”). M. Amis, Dead Babies. (This brings up another passage, in K. Amis’s The Old Devils, but I can only get the following snippet online: “Also on view were bowls of unadventurous salad and, more to the purpose, an array of pickled onions in three colours, pickled walnuts, pickled gherkins in two sizes, pickled beetroot, four kinds of chutney, three kinds of mustard…”)