Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Prolonged consumption

27 July 1774

[Six Gentlemen] dined and spent the afternoon with me at New College. I borrowed the Chequer Room of the Bursars for my company to dine in. We were very merry and pushed the bottle on briskly. I gave my Company for dinner, some green Pea Soup, a chine of Mutton, some New College Puddings, a goose, some Peas and a Codlin Tart with Cream. Madeira and Port Wine to drink after and at dinner some Strong Beer, Cyder, Ale and small Beer […] I gave my company only for supper cold mutton. After supper I gave them to drink some Arrac Punch with Jellies in it and some Port wine.

17 November 1774

…supped on roast hare, veal collops and woodcock, with port wine and punch to drink afterwards.

— Woodforde, Diary of a Country Parson (quoted in Oxford Food: An Anthology)